This is a text messaging and e-mail system communicating with your mobile or inbox. We have successfully communicated information regarding school closures due to inclement weather, Parents’ Evenings and industrial action as well as attendance and truancy alerts.

If we have a mobile number and/or an email address for you on our central system, then you should receive a verification email and/or text message with instructions how to access your account if needed.

If we only hold your mobile number, then you will receive text messages from us as and when we deem this communication method to be useful to you.

Should you wish to opt out of this system, please contact us. Please do the same if you are not part of this system and would like to join this community.

The link to our ParentMail website log in page is

If you have a mobile device that supports installing applications, then you may wish to download either the Apple or Android ParentMail free apps from one of the following locations:

Branston App (Apple iTunes store)

Branston App (Google Play store)

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