Cleaners Required

We are looking for cleaners who take pride in their work to join our team.
We have some flexibility with the posts –
Daytime and Evening hours available.
£8.72 per hour (+ generous Pension Scheme)
For further information and an application form please contact:
Tel: 01522 880400
Closing Date: Monday 22nd June 2020

Information for candidate
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New Behaviour Management System

In September 2019 the Academy implemented a new behaviour management
system. Students who are issued with a teacher referral (Previously a green slip)
were given sanctions on a progressive scale. These sanctions will be consistent
throughout all subjects at the Academy.
Parents/Guardians are made aware of any sanction issued via an email that will
be sent home. Each time a referral is issued the information should be recorded in
student planners.
As a guide the following is a basic outline of our new (updated) system, and the
minimum sanctions imposed will be;
Referral 1 – Warning
Referral 2 – Departmental Lunch detention
Referral 3 – Departmental Lunch detention
Referral 4 – After school detention
Referral 5 – After school detention and 1‐week separation
Referral 6 – After school detention and 2‐week separation
Referral 7 and all referrals after – As referral 6.

It is important to remind ourselves here that the behaviour of our students on the
whole is at least good and hopefully for the vast majority the above information is
just that, for information only.


Mr Inman
Assistant Principal