Principal’s Message CV.230320.1 – critical workers update information request

I just wanted to confirm that we have noted you as a ‘Critical Worker’ and you do not need to provide evidence as we have cross-referenced our own records already.

Thank you to those that have informed us of your requirements already, but it is useful for us to have all of the information in one place.

We appreciate that some parents/carers may be called back into ‘active duty’ so please so not worry if you have to send your child in at short notice – it is a very fluid situation indeed. Please ensure that you continue to inform us if either you or your child exhibit any symptoms, so that we can keep accurate records and ensure everyone’s safety.

The guidance is clear that you should only send your child to school if it is absolutely necessary, as they are safer at home. If a parent or responsible person is at home already then you must keep your child at home. The provision is in place for children being left unsupervised during the school day and requiring our emergency care.

To help us with our planning we would appreciate you completing the following questionnaire for this week. I will ask you for similar information each week.

Critical workers update information request questionnaire

If you have any queries or concerns then please contact us.

Mrs J Turner

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