Gmail linkAs of April 2020, all BCA teachers have been given access to a work Gmail account, in addition to our current Office 365 email address. The provision of Gmail for staff is to help facilitate remote teaching and learning as part of our Coronavirus ‘work from home’ strategies.

All BCA students currently have Gmail as their school email account , however we do plan to change over to Office 365 in September.

Gmail is the core service that provides integrated and seamless access to the other Google resources such as:

For teachers, the first part of your email addresses is the same as your main school email address (even if you have had a name change). An example would be

For students, this is their username also, however in the format Year of Entry, DOB, Number 1 (or maybe 2 if they have the same name as someone else). An example would be Y7 Bob Squarepants would have the email address

Staff passwords is your birth date in the ddmmyyyy format. You will be asked to change your password at first login. Passwords for existing accounts have not been altered.

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