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Google Drive is a file storage and synchronisation service that allows staff and students to store files online, synchronise files across devices, and share files. It is accessible as a website and also as a mobile app.

This is resource is currently being used to store a copy of the !Work from Home! folder which exists on our internal LearningWeb. It is currently being manually synchonised by IT support.

As of late March, a Shared Google Drive is being utilised by the Food Technology department to easily allow students to submit and organise photographs of their cooking projects, avoiding the need to send emails with large attachments.

Both teachers and students log in to their Google Drive with their school Gmail address.

NOTE: We will be pushing students towards Microsoft OneDrive (rather than Google Drive) from September 2020,  as we move students to join staff in the Office 365 environment. 

Useful videos below:

Other Google resources utilising Google drive are as follows:

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