Google Meet – Safeguarding Guidance

This guidance should be followed when conducting a Google Meet video conference or stream, or recording a meeting without an audience (as appropriate):

1.       Only use the Google Meet platform, logged in from your school Gmail account.

2.       All sessions should be recorded using the Google Meet software.

3.       Students MUST use Google Meet with their school email address i.e. and not their personal ones.

4.       Do not invite any student whose parents/carers have opted them out of video conferencing. Refer to this live google spreadsheet for names.


5.       Do not accept join requests from outside our organisation – you would be prompted by a pop up message in Google Meet if this was to happen

6.       Make sure you are in a neutral area where nothing personal or inappropriate can be seen or heard either in your physical background or on your computer if planning to share your screen.

7.       Begin the conferencing with your video and audio muted, unmuting at the time the conference is planned to begin.

8.       Do not have individual discussions with students prior to the conferencing start time.

9.       Students are not required to share their video and should not be compelled to do so.

10.   Students have been advised to always join a conference with their audio muted. See student rules page below:

Student Video Conferencing Rules

11.   It is deemed inappropriate to hold a video conference with one KS3 or KS4 student, unless their parent/carer has agreed in writing (email) and is present at the beginning of the conference to give permission.

12.   Groups of 2-20 students can use video AND audio, however 20+ students must be Audio ONLY

13.   A register of participants should be taken with late and early departures recorded.

14.   Absentees should have the video made available to them if requested.

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