Vision Aims Values

Our rule/motto/mantra: “Kindness or nothing”

Life is tough, so we will be kind to one another and if we cannot quite manage that then we will say or do nothing that is unkind.

Our vision, aims and values:

At Branston our students thrive educationally and reach high academic standards, but within a remarkably caring, supportive and nurturing environment.
We believe that we foster in our young people values of individual aspiration but also tolerance and compassion and an understanding that individuals need to be part of and to build communities.
Knowing our students as well as we possibly can is very important to us because then our young people benefit from the best of being part of a large school but within an environment where we respond to their individual needs and personalities.
We are proud that the views of students, parents, staff and Ofsted all indicate that these are more than just fine words. The opinions of parents and students are compared to answers to the same questions given by thousands of people nationally to help us to accurately assess them.

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