New Website Launch

After approximately 7 years of long hard service, 150000 unique visitors and 1000000 page views to name just a few big numbers, we feel that our old website was due for retirement. It had served our community well, and considering the little known fact that one web year is equivalent to about 10 human years (probably), we believe that a long service medal and a gold watch is well over due. With that said, I am sure that you will be pleased to browse this younger and more contemporary replacement.

They say “some creatures can never change their spots”, and our website is no different. Although on the face of it our new website may look a little fresher, crisp, and responsive, as you delve deeper into its pages you should bear witness to a more refined and ‘mobile friendly’ beast that is willing and able to grow into the boots of its predecessor.  An uncommon cliché around these parts is that “not all webpages are created equal”, and you may discover that a page you once adored is now ‘missing in action’. Please be comforted in the fact we will “leave no one behind”, and all pages of significance will join the ‘published’ ranks in due course, as they pass through our stringent gentrification processes.

Thank you for reading this obituary/salutation, and please do grace us with your comments and suggestions below.


D. Holford (Co-ordinator of New Technologies)
C. Drew (Webmaster)

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