Principal’s Message CV.220320.1

It is the strangest Sunday night…  schools closed from tomorrow for the vast majority of students, with no idea of a return date.

We want our students and their families to remain healthy throughout this period, so we are suggesting three videos that we feel could help to try and explain the importance of students remaining at home at this crucial time – see the videos at the bottom of this message.

Please be mindful that this isn’t an early holiday or an opportunity to gather with your friends either indoors or outdoors – the recommendation is to stay at home as much as possible – that is where you are safest.

A lot has happened over the past week and there has been a lot to process for us all.  We will endeavour to update parents/carers, but that will happen over the next few days as more information is released – we have no other information other than the details in the public domain.  Please wait for us to contact you via SMS or our SIMSParent messages, and please do keep a regular check on our Branston Community Information’ mini site, using the private link we sent via text message. Please contact us if you do not have the link to this resource and need it.

Please take the ten minutes required to look at the videos below with your child.  One is approx. 7 minutes but is worth watching right to the end, as it covers several different bits of information.  We are at a point where we can all make a positive contribution to our situation by following the advice and understanding the implications of not doing so.

I am expecting our website and the national broadband provision to strain a little tomorrow as the nation tries to access the resources provided by schools across the country, including our ‘Work From Home’ areas for those with or without access to Microsoft Office software.  Please be patient, this is going to be a long process and there is no urgency to complete work immediately.  Work can be spread across the Easter holidays, if that works for you and your child – it seems certain that we are not going to be going on any holidays this year.

We send you our very best wishes at this extraordinary time.

Jo Turner


Branston Community Academy

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