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Google Hangouts Meet linkVery important safeguarding note:

As well as the information below regarding joining a video conference, please also refer to the rules required to participate in one by clicking on the link below:

Video Conferencing – Rules



All staff and students are provided with school Gmail accounts, providing access to a range of Google resources including Google Meet video conferencing and streaming. Further information can be found below:

Branston Gmail information

A video conference allows staff and students to speak and see each other, if required or desired, using a video/audio link between devices. There is also a text chat facility available within Google Meet.

A video stream allows students to see and/or hear the member of staff delivering content without sharing anything in terms of video, audio or text based chat.

In a video conference, students can ‘mute’ their own audio and/or video feeds if required or instructed, so enabling students to just see and/or hear the teacher.  This means students could just listen, and perhaps only use the text chat to communicate, if desired.

Staff can organise video conferences or streams, however students can only join without being able to organise them.

A very useful feature is for the teacher to be able to record a video conference. A link to the recording can be shared later with students if desired, therefore allowing students who could not make the conference to potentially view it in their own time. These recordings would be accessible using a school Gmail account only. The teacher would inform the students that the recording was going to happen at the beginning of the meeting or within the conference invite.

A video conference link is permanent, so followup meetings can easily be accessed by students using the original conference code or email instructions, if required.

Joining a video conference or stream

A video conference or stream can be joined using a computer browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge etc. or a mobile device. A mobile device such as a phone or tablet would require the Google Meet app to be installed on the device. These are free and can be found here:

Instructions about how to join a meeting can be found in the website link and short video below:

How to join a Google Meet conference or stream (written instructions)

Video Conferencing – Rules

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