Video Conferencing – Rules

Google Hangouts Meet linkClick below to go back to the instructions post containing information about how to join a Google Meet video conference or stream set up by your teacher:

Video Conferencing – Google Meet




Being a member of a video conference with your teacher and classmates requires concentration, skills with the conference website/app and also the way you politely behave – aka your etiquette. Please refer to the very important rules below:


  1. Be prepared and ready to learn – have a designated work area that is set up with any materials needed, such as a pen and paper.
  2. Don’t join from your bedroom – use a communal area such as a dining room, kitchen, conservatory or lounge
  3. Your clothing should be appropriate – no pyjamas.
  4. Join on time and not too early –  no more than 5 minutes before the conference is due to start, so you don’t join another lesson in progress already.
  5. You do not need to share your video if you prefer not to.
  6. Mute your audio and video when you arrive – If a teacher asks a question or if you have a question, then it is okay to unmute yourself, but please remember to go back on mute as background noise and talking can be distracting. To mute or unmute yourself, click on the microphone and/or video icon on the video display. 
    Muting image

    This image shows muted audio and video. The middle button removes you from the conference


  7. Refrain from using the chat feature – Please do not use the chat feature unless the teacher asks you to do so., then only type comments that are relevant and appropriate. Please review your comments before sending and remember that tone and humor don’t always translate online as they might in person.
  8. Behave and speak as well as you would do in your normal lessons – be respectfulallow people the space to speak, and do your best not to talk over another person. Please also think before speaking and make sure that your comments are on-task and kind.
  9. Students disrupting a session will be removed from the video conference with appropriate follow up actions.

Video Conferencing – Google Meet

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