Curriculum Intent

At Branston Community Academy, we are proud to offer a curriculum that creates opportunities for our young people to thrive.

We offer a broad, inclusive and balanced curriculum that fully prepares our students for life in the 21st century. Our curriculum is delivered by specialist teachers who are passionate about their subjects and who aim to inspire that same passion in our students.

Equality of opportunity is at the heart of what we are striving to achieve. There is an emphasis on promoting strength and success in traditional academic subjects, but this is balanced with a desire to foster variety and personalisation in our provision. The curriculum is constantly reviewed and developed to not only meet the needs and strengths of our students, but to provide rich opportunities for them to develop a range of skills and enjoy memorable experiences.

Our curriculum has been carefully sequenced to ensure that students develop knowledge and skills effectively as they progress through their time with us. Our teachers strive to support students in developing long-term memory of key ideas and use techniques to root out misconceptions and ensure deep understanding.

Throughout our curriculum we have a very strong traditional academic offer balanced with specific vocational and alternative courses, with supportive provision for those who need it most.

In KS3, which includes Years 7, 8 and 9, our curriculum includes Personal Development, English, Mathematics, Science, French, German (optional), Geography, History, Art, Food Science, Textiles, Computing, Music, Design Technology, Business Studies, PE, Religion and Ethics.

In KS4, which includes Years 10 and 11, our curriculum includes Personal Development, English, Mathematics, Science, French, German, Geography, History, Religion and Ethics, Fine Art, Art Graphics, Art Photography, Design Technology, Engineering, Food Science, Performing Arts, Business Studies, Physical Education, Sports Studies, Health and Social Care, iMedia, Travel and Tourism, Curriculum Intervention, Student Support.

In KS5 our curriculum includes Personal Development, Applied Science, Art (Fine), Art (Graphics), Art (Photography), Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Childcare, Computing, Design Technology, Engineering, English Literature, Food Science, French, Geography, German, Health and Social Care, History, Mathematics, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy and Ethics, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Studies, Travel and Tourism.

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