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Students at Branston study a broad and balanced curriculum, across a wide range of subject areas. The purpose of this broad base is to allow students to develop a breadth of knowledge and skills which will enable them to fulfill their potential and prepare them for life after they leave school. The subjects studied enable students to stretch and build on their Key Stage 2 knowledge but also introduce and broaden skills in less familiar and new subject areas. Subjects studied in Year 7 are English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Computing, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Drama, French, Geography, History, Music, PE and RE.

In Year 7 and 8 there are two mixed ability teaching populations, North and South. Students are initially set for English and Mathematics based on their Key Stage 2 scores within each population. These groups are then reviewed at regular intervals. Other subjects will set students in Year 8 and parents will be informed about this at the end of Year 7. In addition, students will have the choice to study a second language or a Personal Finance course. As students move into Year 9 the setting structures vary within each curriculum area as we start preliminary GCSE work. Again parents are informed about this at the end of Year 8.

At Key Stage 4 students will study a core curriculum of English, English Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science, RE and tutorial work. Our GCSE options ensure that students maintain a broad range of subjects whilst also allowing a degree of specialisation, where appropriate.

At Key Stage 5 we run a wide range of subjects covering both academic and vocational courses. Students can choose to follow a purely academic or vocational route, with many choosing a mixture of both. These pathways enable students to pursue the full range of post-18 options available. Many students continue onto University courses and high quality apprenticeship schemes.

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