Year 9 Curriculum

Welcome to the Year 9 Curriculum

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Below you can find the curriculum content covered by our subjects, organised by term.


Portraits (facial features), Rule of Halves, Research Picking from Louis Jover, Frida Kahlo, Guy Denning, Barbara Walker. Portrait inspired by.

Research Sheet (Day of the Dead Festival), Designing own Day of the Day Self Portrait, Reduction Lino Print, Graphics (Day of the Dead festival poster)

Watercolour Landscape Painting Skills (trees, land, skies), Research (Claude Monet), Painting a Landscape Scene


Organising Business, Branstonbury Poster Graphics Project

Branstonbury Web, Project

Python Profits, Advanced Data

Design & Technology

Architecture / Graphics, CAD

CAD, Engineering

Extended Task, Slot Together Furniture


Novel and Poetry from other cultures

Richard 3rd, Dystopian Fiction

Literacy non fiction

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Cook chill, Food safety and hygiene, Healthy eating for children, Nutrition, Food investigation

Street food, Cultures and religion, Function of ingredients, Food spoilage

Desserts, Nutrition


Can the development gap be reduced?

Why is Kenya still classed as an LIC? Is China an NIC

Wider UK issues


The causes of the First World War & the key features of the Western Front, Germany: Democracy to dictatorship: a study of Nazi Germany

The Holocaust, The Second World War & the impact on the British Home Front, The Cold War 1943-91

Britain 1945 - Present day: immigration, 1960's social change & the impact of globalisation


Themes: Media & Technology, My personal world; Module 1: Free Time

Module 2: My family

Theme: Studying & my future; Module 3: My school life


Theme: School; Module 1: Back to school

Themes: My personal world, media & techology; Module 2: Leisure time

Theme: My personal world; Module 3: My world


Reasoning with algebra, Constructing in 2 and 3 Dimensions

Reasoning with number, Reasoning with geometry

Reasoning with proportion, Representations and revision


Tolerance Through Song - Exploring Hip Hop and Rap music through songwriting and ukulele/keyboard performance

Taiko Drumming or Film Music

Physical Education

Netball, Rugby, Handball, Swimming, Badminton, fitness, dance, table tennis

basketball, football, gym

Athletics, tennis, cricket, rounders

Religion & Worldviews

Sikhism: is Sikhism built on helping others?

Humanism and Worldviews: Is the world becoming more secular?

Is death a comma or a full stop?


Foundations for GCSE Chemistry, Physics and Biology

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