Year 11 Curriculum

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Below you can find the curriculum content covered by our subjects, organised by term.


Mock Exam (Fine Art/Photography/Graphics)

Externally Set Exam Worth 40% (Fine Art/Photography/Graphics)

Improving Existing Coursework (Fine Art/Photography/Graphics)

Business Studies - GCSE

Growing the Business, Exploring Enterprises

Exploring Enterprises

Business Studies - BTEC

Presentation / Pitch for own business

Computing - Term 1

R097 Interactive Multimedia Theory and Practice Assignment

R093 Preproduction Examination Theory

R093 Preproduction Examination Theory

Computing - Term 2

R093 Preproduction Examination Theory

R093 Preproduction Examination Theory

Design & Technology

Non-examined assessment (Development Manufacture)

Non-examined Assessment (Evaluation)

Exam Revision

English Literature

Language Papers Sections A and B

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde / Frankenstein & Romeo and Juliet

Revision and Exams

English Language

Revision of Blood Brothers / An Inspector Calls / Lord of the Flies, Poetry Anthology

Revise Both Language Papers

Revision and Exams

Food Preparation & Nutrition

NEA Assessment 1 Investigation carried out, NEA Assessment 2 released

NEA Assessment 2: trial dishes/CA

Exam Revision


Social development, extreme weather, climate change and ecosystems

Global inequalities and regional development, Water resources, Human fieldwork


Health & Social - Part 1

Pearson set assignment 2 released September. Completed in exam conditions, worth 30% final grade. 6 – 8 weeks for completion & resubmission

Physiological and lifestyle indicators. Person centerd approach Practice questions

Revision Final exam (40%) May

Health & Social - Part 2

Finalising assignment and uploading of PSA2 scores. Component 3: Health and wellbeing: revision of factors influencing health and wellbeing from component 1 (year 10)

Barriers and obstacles to following recommendations for change. Practice questions In class Mock paper (March / April)

Revision Final exam (40%) May


Paper 2: International Relations & The Cold War. Paper 3: Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-1939

Paper 2: International Relations & The Cold War. Paper 3: Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-1939

Revision & Exams


Themes: My Personal World, My Neighbourhood, Studying and My Future; Module 7: My World, Module 8: My Future Plans

Theme: Studying and My Future; Module 8: My Future Plans; Revision

Revision and Exams


Themes: My Neighbourhood, My Personal World, Studying & My Future; Module 7: Our World, Module 8: My Future Plans

Module 8: My Future Plans; Revision

Revision & Exams


Graphs, Algebra

Reasoning, Revision and communication

Revision and exams


Rockschool Level 2 - Live Music Performance

Physical Education - GCSE

THEORY: Body Systems / Sport & Society / Biomechanics

THEORY: Biomechanics / Revision PRACTICAL: Moderation Practice

THEORY: Revision PRACTICAL: Moderation

Physical Education - Sport Studies

THEORY: Exam Unit COURSEWORK: Leadership

COURSEWORK: Leadership and Revisit Media in Sport

THEORY: Re-sit (if needed)

Performing Arts

PERFORMING ARTS IN PRACTISE- responding to commission, planning performance or production work, PERFORMING- Planning and evaluating repertoire performance

PERFORMING ARTS IN PRACTISE- promoting and pitching performance or production work, evaluating and reflecting on performance or production work

Religion & Worldviews

Relationships and family: What is 'family' in the 21st Century?

Religion and Life: Is all life sacred?

Revision and Exams


Biology (Coordination and control, ecosystems, evolution, inheritance and variation), Chemistry (rate and extent of chemical change, chemical analysis, chemical and allied industries, earth and atmospheric science), Physics (forces and motion, wave motion, magnetism and electromagnetism)

Travel & Tourism

Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism

Influences on Global Travel and Tourism.

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