Year 7 Curriculum

Welcome to the Year 7 Curriculum

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Below you can find the curriculum content covered by our subjects, organised by term.

Art & Design

Formal elements / 3D shapes

Colour Wheel, Van Gogh, Simple Still Life Painting

Henri Rousseau, Clay Thumb Pot

Computing - Term 1

Clear messaging in digital media

Using media - Gaining support for a cause

Programming - Essentials in Scratch (Part 2)

Computing - Term 2

Networks - from semaphores to the internet

Programming - Essentials in Scratch (Part 1)

Modeling data using spreadsheets

Design & Technology

Benchmark - Novelty Glasses, Timber / Plastics, Organisation

Metal working, Candleholder

CAD, Extended Task, Electronics


Autobiography and Introduction to Poetry

Play: Frankenstein, Crime Fiction

Introduction to Shakespeare, Non-Fiction Travel Writing

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Snacks. Health and safety, Celebrations, Equipment

Textiles: Cushion, Design and make task

Fruit and vegetables, Nutrition, Knife Skills, Cookies, Eat well guide


What skills do I need as a Geographer? Why are map skills important?

How does water shape the land?

What issues do rural and urban areas face?

History - Single Lesson

Village & Town: social change in the middle ages - A comparative study with China

The Crusades, The Black Death, The Peasants' Revolt

Society in the Tutor Period

History - Double Lesson

What is history? 1066 & the Norman Conquest, Castles through the middle ages

The role of religion in the middle ages, Pilgrimage to Lincoln Cathedral, The Medieval monarchy: a case study of King John & the Magna Carta

Religious change through the Tudor period, Was Guy Fawkes framed: interpretations of the Gunpowder Plot 1605


Unit 1: Self, Unit 2: Family

Unit 3: School, Unit 4: Free time

Unit 4: Free Time, Unit 5: In a French Speaking Country


Algebraic thinking, Place Value and Proportion

Applications of numbers, Directed Number, Fractional thinking

Lines and angles, Reasoning with number


African Drumming, Singing and Rhythm OR Electronic Music (exploring riffs and melody) - performance and composition using music technology

African Drumming, Singing and Rhythm OR Electronic Music (exploring riffs and melody) - performance and composition using music technology

Physical Education

Netball, Rugby, Handball, Swimming, Badminton, fitness, dance, table tennis

basketball, football, gym

Athletics, tennis, cricket, rounders

Religion & Worldviews

What is Religion and Worldviews?

Is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic?

Judaism: The first of three Abrahamic faiths


Biology (basic structures of plants and animals) and Working in the Lab.

Chemistry (Atoms, elements and compounds and chemical reactions) and Experimental Procedure 1.

Physics (energy, forces and waves) and Experimental Procedure 2 and 3.

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