Year 8 Curriculum

Welcome to the Year 8 Curriculum

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Below you can find the curriculum content covered by our subjects, organised by term.


Islamic Art Research, Islamic Patterns, String Print

Sarah Graham Research, Still Life Sweet Painting (looking at gridding and colour mixing), Graphics (sweet shop logo)

Nick Mackman Research, Double Thumb Pot Clay Animals

Business Studies

Introduction to Personal Finance, Sources of Money

Bank Accounts, Managing Money – Borrowing and Saving

Insurance, Budgeting

Computing - Term 1

Developing for the web

Mobile app development

Layers of computing systems

Computing - Term 2

Representations - from clay to silicon

Media - Vector graphics

Introduction to Python programming

Design & Technology

Pewter Casting

Woodworking skills

Electronics, Programming, Extended Task/CAD


Novel: Refugee Boy, War Poetry

Shakespeare, Nineteenth Century: Animals

Non-Fiction: The News Introduction

Food Preparation & Nutrition

Textiles: Door stopper, Design and make task

Staple foods, Food commodities, Nutrition, Pastry, Planning of practical’s, Increasing the complexity of skills

Textiles: Bags and holders, Design and make task


Why are tectonic hazards so dangerous?

How does weather and climate affect me? Why are the tropical rainforests and Savannah ecosystems so different?

What is happening to our coasts?


The causes & events of the English civil war, The trade in enslaved people & the reasons for its abolition in 1807

The British Empire & its legacy, The Industrial Revolution & the impact of urbanisation

The growth of British democracy, Depth study: votes for women & the role of the Suffragettes, Lincoln: prehistory to the present day


Unit 6: Food and Drink, Unit 7: Local Area

Unit 8: Holidays, Unit 9: TV and films

Unit 9: TV and films, Unit 10: Jobs and future


Unit 1: Basics, Unit 2: Family and pets

Unit 3: Free time, Unit 4: School

Unit 4: School, Unit 5: Out and about


Proportional reasoning, Representations

Algebraic techniques, Developing numbers

Developing Geometry, Reasoning with data


Samba Drumming OR Ground Bass Performance

Blues - ukulele and keyboard performance and song composition OR Electronic Dance Music (exploring harmony) - performance and composition using music technology

Physical Education

Netball, Rugby, Handball, Swimming, Badminton, fitness, dance, table tennis

basketball, football, gym

Athletics, tennis, cricket, rounders

Religion & Worldviews

Buddhism: Are the three poisons going to destroy the planet?

Christianity: Is Britain still a Christian country?

Islam: What is life like as a British Muslim?


Biology (Biological reactions and variation) and Experimental Procedure 5.

Chemistry (Periodic table, materials and The Earth) and Experimental Procedure 6 and 7.

Physics (Circuits, Particles and Space) and Experimental Procedure 8 and STE (Science, Technology and Engineering).

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