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Welcome to the Careers Section

Branston Community Academy has achieved the National Quality in Careers Standard provided by the Licenced Awarding Body Complete-Careers using the Career Mark approach.

We aim to give all our students the highest standard of careers provision available.
Students will have access to employers at every key stage as well as opportunities to learn about future possibilities both post 16 and 18.
Work experience, we believe, is crucial to our students learning and as such we have committed to students undertaking a one week placement in both year 10 and year 12, enabling them to gain first-hand experience of the world of work.
Our provision allows BCA students to enter the world beyond school with an informed and balanced knowledge of the working world.

Education Overview


Contact Details

Mrs J Thompson (Careers Coordinator)
01522 880400

Mr D Inman (SLT Careers)
01522 880400


Learning Web

A link to the Careers section of the student Learning Web can be found below:


If you would like to provide us with some feedback then please email Mrs J Thompson at: Please include your name, childs name if applicable, which event it is regarding, and in what capacity you are from.


Academy Review Proposed review dates
September 2020
December 2020
July 2021
July 2023

All inline with Gatsby Benchmarks

NB; All information gathered from students and providers is internally assessed and any changes to provision is discussed and implemented if deemed necessary.

NB; In the future we intend to have an online parent comments form for feedback on events that take place across all key stage



All information regarding provider access is outlined in our “Child Protection & Safeguarding” & “Careers Education and Provider Access” Policies which can be found on our Policies page.


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