PayPoint is for you if you prefer to deal with cash, if you don’t want to pay online, or if you do not have access to the internet. Payments in cash or by card can be made at their pay points in local shops and post offices – a lot of people use it to pay household bills.

If you wish to use PayPoint to pay for your child’s school dinners, please contact the Academy on 01522 880410 or come to the General Office and ask us to send you a PayPoint card. This is the size of a bank card and is used in the PayPoint machine to put money onto your child’s cashless catering account.

If you wish to use PayPoint, for school trips – in fact for anything that is not dinner money – we will need to send you a special barcoded letter to use at the PayPoint machine

To find out more about PayPoint, including the location of your nearest store, go to

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