Academy Closures

Over half of our students travel to the academy by school transport. As a consequence the evaluations of road conditions from transport providers and the services that they are able to operate on a given day is a key factor in our considerations when extreme weather threatens school closure.

In the event of the Academy not opening due to extreme weather the information will be posted on the Academy Facebook, Twitter, Website and advertised on Lincs FM. This information will be posted no later than 8am on the specific day.

We will however endeavour to ensure the information is posted as early as possible and with any future information where possible.

If we are forced to close during the Academy day an email will be sent in addition to the above media updates. Students who travel by bus will be taken home by the same service, just at an alternative time.

The academy will be open/fully open again on the following working day unless a similar message is sent 24 hours later after discussions with transport providers. In very extreme cases the transport providers may be able to say that they will not be able to offer a service ‘in advance’ and we will then communicate the consequences of that to all stakeholders as soon as is feasible.

In these circumstances students will be able to work from home as long as they can access the academy learning web through an internet connection. Every student has access to relevant work there whether it is SAM learning, Bitesize, Boardworks and/or a range of subject specific activities and resources.

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