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Information related to pupil premium, disadvantaged children and free school meals can be found in the sections below.



Our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement can be found here Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022. This details our targets for the coming year, strategies to meet the targets and the required funding. It also has a review of the previous academic year.

Staff at Branston are committed to raising the achievement of all our students. In 2011 the Government introduced the Pupil Premium funding. Currently this funding is provided for the groups of children listed below.

Category Funding per year
Free School Meal Students £955
Students that have had free school meals in the past 6 years (referred to as Ever 6) £955
Post looked after children £2345
Looked after children/special guardianship/residence order £2345

The Government refers to these students as ‘disadvantaged pupil premium’ students (DPP).

In addition, it provides funding of £310 per year for children from services families. In this case parents must ensure that they have told the school that their child is from a service family. If you need to inform us then please contact us.

Further information from the Government may also be found here.

I think my child may be entitled to free school meals?

Parents do not have to pay for school lunches if they receive any of the following:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit* and have an annual household income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190 (as at April 2012)
  • Universal Credit


If you think you are entitled to free school then please complete this online form. Alternatively, follow this link to a Printable Form which you may complete and return to the school c/o Mrs H Marriott.

How many Branston students are pupil premium?

Currently 30% of our students receive Pupil Premium Funding.


















How much money does Branston get for Pupil Premium students and how is it spent?

Our budget for 2021-22 is approx. £200,000.












We have mapped our provision against the latest research to ensure that we are spending our funding on worthwhile resources and activities. We have linked our school provision to the research published in the Education Endowment Toolkit.

Our actual expenditure for 2021-22


What are the main barriers for Pupil Premium students?
  • Low aspirations
  • Social capital – ability to access the experiences of their peers
  • Transport
  • Attendance
  • Access to clubs / extra curricular activities
  • Access to technology to assist with work
  • Access to additional reading
  • Space / place to study
  • Home attitudes towards school / education
  • Attendance at parent evenings
  • Deprivation
What does Branston do for its Disadvantaged students?

Our starting point is to ensure that we secure success for all students within the Academy. We have developed a series of Pledges that we work towards as an entitlement for our pupil premium students.

All pupil premium students have access to regular mentoring sessions with a designated member of the PP team. A range of topics are discussed within these sessions, including current attainment and effort, as well as any difficulties / issues that they may be currently experiencing.

Equipment / Uniform
All students are provided with basic equipment that they will require for the school day. This includes pencil case, pens, pencils etc. Students are also provided with a uniform letter which allows them to get their uniform from the school provider, including PE kit. Students studying subjects such as Art, DT, Food, PE and Performing Arts are provided with the additional equipment, materials or ingredients.

All additional trips, which support the curriculum are fully funded, e.g. theatre trip, visit to a gallery etc. Trips which are non educational are partly funded but the rest of the cost would need to be funded by the family e.g. football trip to Madrid, day trip to France.
All students are given the opportunity to go on a residential e.g. PGL, Outward Bound, Snowdon, Camping

Raising aspirations
Visits to local universities – Aim High, subject days
Access to visiting speakers
Additional career guidance
Peer mentoring – with older students who have experienced similar deprivation

Transport costs with be funded / part funded when required

Clubs / extra-curricular activities
Some assistance towards in and out of school activities
Magazine subscriptions

Mentoring conversations which cover the importance of attendance and the barriers to attending
Rewards for improvement in attendance
Assistance with transport if this is the reason

Access to technology
Provision of laptops
Provision of pen drives
Access to printing facilities

Access to reading
Reading suggestions
Vouchers towards books


What impact does the Pupil Premium Spending have on Branston students?


Outdoor Adventure

Each trip is reviewed after completion. Student feedback can be found here:

Buxton Trip Feedback

PGL Student Feedback

Snowden Trip Feedback


Annington Trust (Outward Bound)

‘I have had a fab time, met some friends that will last a lifetime. There were four girls in my room including one from Beijing and we are now pen friends.’

‘I really enjoyed quite a few activities but especially

• Swimming back across the lake on our way back from expedition,

• Gorge scrambling,

• Canoeing.

From going on the Outward Bound course I have decided that I would like to go on the three week course next year as I enjoyed this one week course so much.’

Yearly Review

At the end of each academic year we write to parents to gather their view about our pupil premium provision.

Nearly 60% of parents attended the additional parental meeting offered in 2021/22

100% of parents that responded said they found the additional meeting extremely useful.

100% of parents that responded rated our Pupil Premium provision as Excellent.


Comments included:
‘I found out about this at a very stressful time when funds were very limited in our household. The provision has taken a huge financial burden away by the uniforms and I am incredibly grateful not only for this but by how confidentially it was given.’

‘I am very impressed with this. The staff are always very friendly and helpful and the very generous allowances given. I have spoken to them several times for advice and they have always pointed me in the right direction.’


Academic Progress

Students’ progress is regularly reviewed and intervention strategies put in place where appropriate. The purpose of the Pupil Premium funding is to close the gap between the performance of Pupil Premium students and the performance of all other students.

We have analysed our results for the last academic year and the results can be found here. GCSE Results Analysis



We work closely with the Careers Service to ensure that all of our students progress on to post-16 courses or apprenticeships.

In 2021 the destinations of our 31 disadvantaged students were:

Branston Sixth Form
Other approved post-16 destination eg further education, apprenticeship etc.
Not in education, employment or training (NEET)
Provision of Summer School

The Academy provides an Enrichment Week for Year 6 students who are making the transition to the Academy. Students are able to partake in a number of enrichment and academic activities.

For this academic year, we were able to offer an additional enrichment week for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils, as part of the government’s additional funding for summer schools.
Further Information

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Claiming Free School Meals


Pupil Premium Queries

Tel: 01522 880400 Email: enquiries@branstonca.lincs.sch.uk

  • Pupil Premium Student Support Officers – Mrs T Wadsley, Miss S Emmerson and K Manners.
  • Vice Principal Pupil Premium – Mrs C Hewerdine

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