What makes me Gifted/Talented or Able in Religious Education ? re

You demonstrate a high level of insight and empathy of religious concepts and issues.
You engage in philosophical thought, constructing reasoned arguments.
You have an ability to make links between concepts and apply them to contemporary society and a variety of concepts.

You achieve high levels of attainment.
You shows high levels of understanding religious beliefs and traditions.
You can express yourself articulately in discussions and debates.

What will we be doing in lessons to develop my skills?
You will have levelled objectives in many of your lessons so that you know exactly what you need to do to achieve high levels.
There are activities and challenges within lessons specific for Gifted, Talented and Able students.
You will also be set levelled homework’s and extension work will be expected to be completed.

What can I do outside of school to develop my skills in Religious Education ?
1) You can borrow books form the RE library.
2) You need to keep up to date with relevant moral/ethical issues by reading the news online or newspapers.
3) You can subscribe to a philosophy magazine for example ‘New philosopher magazine’ (
4) You can go to the Philosophy café that meets once a month
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