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Welcome to the Food Technology Department

Our Intent
Our Intent

To stimulate and/or maintain student interest, enjoyment, curiosity and concern about Food preparation and nutrition.
Encourage leaners to cook and make informed choices about food and nutrition. This then allows them to acquire knowledge in order to be able to feed themselves and possibly others affordably and nutritiously, now and in later life.

The food department offer a curriculum based on five core aims identified in the National Curriculum:

  1. Principles of nutrition, food hygiene and safety
  2. Provenance, sustainability and culture
  3. Diet and good health
  4. The Science of food
  5. Food preparation and cooking

We are inclusive, including support for disadvantaged students providing an opportunity for all students to develop life skill and be supportive and kind to each other: cooking, food hygiene, nutritional and cultural knowledge in a positive, safe and enjoyable environment

Visual, oral and kinaesthetic forms of teaching are demonstrated within the department ensuring that practical lessons are fortnightly throughout KS3

Skills and passion- develop a love of food and a lifetime knowledge of nutrition and cooking skills. Skills- teamwork, numeracy, literacy, problem solving and resilience.

KS3 Structure

Year 7Snacks. Health and safety
Celebrations. Equipment
Textiles: Cushion, Design and make task. Fruit and vegetables. Nutrition. Knife Skills.
Cookies. Eat well guide.
Year 8Textiles: Door stopper, Design and make task. Staple foods. Food commodities. Nutrition. Pastry. Planning of practical’s. Increasing the complexity of skills Textiles: Bags and holders, Design and make task.
Year 9Cook chill. Food safety and hygiene.
Healthy eating for children. Nutrition. Food investigation
Street food. Cultures and religion. Function of ingredients.
Food spoilage

KS4 Structure

Year 10Food Commodities: Fruit and Veg, Food Provence, Dairy Food.
Food Commodities: Cereal Food, Meat, Fish and Eggs Food investigationFood commodities: Butter, oils Food Investigation.
Introduction to GCSE controlled assessment
Year 11NEA Assessment 1 Investigation carried out. NEA Assessment 2 released. NEA Assessment 2: trial dishes/CA.
Exam Revision

KS5 Structure

Coming Soon

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs
Career Pathways
Career Pathways

Our GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course open opportunities to further study at Level 3 Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition or to access apprenticeship opportunities in vocational areas including; catering, food manufacturing and hospitality,
Our Level 3 students have successfully gained access to advanced apprenticeships. They have also regularly obtained places at prestigious universities in courses such as; Food Technology, Food and Nutrition, Food Science and Food manufacturing. Many students going on to have successful careers in their fields of study.

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