Swimming Pool Closure

Image of swimming pool

Both the swimming pool and changing rooms will be closed for refurbishment starting the 18th June. The pool is due to open later this year. A more specific date will be given closer to the time. Toilets will still be open and available within the foyer. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Click here more information about our swimming pool facility.

We Will Rock You!

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We Will Rock You 2023

Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th February

Based on the music of Queen, We Will Rock You is set 300 years in the future in a futuristic and globally corporate world. Planet Earth has been renamed the iplanet and is controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation. The head of Globalsoft is the sinister Killer Queen, who has banned all non-computer generated music. Killer Queen has heard of a prophecy that instruments have been hidden somewhere on the iplanet and that ‘The Dreamer’ will emerge from the people to show the way to them. She orders her Chief of Police, Khashoggi, to get to the bottom of the matter and crush any rebellion. Meanwhile, Galileo, a young student and an outsider, is desperate to “break free” from this corporate world. He hears lyrics in his dreams and is heralded as the star of the prophecy by the Bohemians who have been searching for the lost instruments. To fulfill the prophecy. Galileo must evade the clutches of the Killer Queen and finally bring back the music……

Tickets to see the show on Tuesday and Wednesday will be £6, this includes a soft drink in the interval. On Thursday we have a Gala performance to an invited audience and on Friday we are having a final public Gala performance where your ticket will include a drink and nibbles. Tickets for the Final Gala performance will be £8.

The tickets will be available to purchase right at the bottom of the page on our School Shop from Tuesday 24th January 2023. During each performance we will be running a raffle (£1 per strip) and selling programmes so don’t forget your change!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

We Will Rock You Ticket Page

Behaviour Management System – September 2022 update

In September 2019 the Academy implemented a new behaviour management system. Students who are issued with a teacher referral (Previously a green slip) were given sanctions on a progressive scale. These sanctions will be consistent throughout all subjects at the Academy.

Parents/Guardians are made aware of any sanction issued via the parent app.

Referrals may be issued for infringements such as, persistent disruptive behaviour, a lack of effort or persistent lateness, for example.

As a guide the following is a basic outline of our new (updated) system, and the minimum sanctions imposed will be:

Referral 1 – Warning

Referral 2 – Departmental Lunch detention

Referral 3 – Departmental Lunch detention

Referral 4 – After school detention

Referral 5 – After school detention and 1‐week separation

Referral 6 – After school detention and 2‐week separation

Referral 7 and all referrals after – As referral 6.

It is important to remind ourselves here that the behaviour of our students on the whole is at least good and hopefully for the vast majority the above information is just that, for information only.

Mr Inman

Vice Principal