Welcome to the Sociology Department

What we will study?

Sociology is about human social behaviour, why people behave as they do and what things influence and affect their lives. It is about how people organise themselves into groups and are able to control the behaviour of their members and sometimes control the behaviour of others.
You will study the main themes of culture and identity, power, social class, gender and ethnicity and consider how they affect an individual or group’s life chances. You will also develop a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the major sociological theories underpinning research and the specific research models employed by sociologists.


The overall aims of the course are to give students opportunities to develop an understanding and awareness of:

  • society in all its diverse aspects, with particular reference to the chosen syllabus topics
  • patterns of advantage and disadvantage, for example, in relation to gender, ethnicity, class, age and culture
  • the importance of constructive discussion, collaborative work and the ethics and skills of research
  • the ability to be receptive to different viewpoints in order to evaluate information and ideas to reach their own balanced judgements
Who should do this course?

This course is ideal for students considering going on to further education at university. It will help students develop analytical and evaluative skills and help students write essays in a logical and coherent manner.

Our Intent

The aim of Sociology is to encourage students to have an enquiring mind and engage in society as active and responsible citizens. This is exemplified through an emphasis on being socially aware of current global & local issues, fostering a culture of tolerance and respect for diversity and encouraging empathy and respect for human values – these reinforce the Academy values of kindness, respect and community. The aim is to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to understand human behaviour and explain the impact of such behaviours on wider society. The courses in Sociology are invariably focused on people and we look at historical and contemporary theory and perspectives on behaviour, both at a societal and individual level. Sociology students are expected to engage critically with social issues and to reach an informed judgement based on the evidence presented – this often takes the form of critical discussion and debates within lessons.

Resources and Facilities
Resources and Facilities

Currently we have 1 dedicated classrooms which all have projectors and audio capabilities. We also have a bank of 20 laptops.

Resources for all key stages can be located on our Learning Web which is available in and out of the Academy premises. It is very well organised to allow students to find the exact resource they need quickly and efficiently.

AS Level Assessment
AS Assessment (7191, AQA)

Paper 1 – Education with Methods in Context
Paper 2 – Research Methods and Families & Households

AS assessment (7191): These are two examinations taken at the end of Year 12. This will give students the AS qualification. Those who continue to study A-level will do 3 examinations at the end of Year 13 covering all content over the two-year course.

A2 Level Assessment
A2 Assessment (7192, AQA)

Paper 1 – Education with Theory and Methods
Paper 2 - Families and Households & Beliefs in Society
Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

A Level assessment (7192): These are three examinations taken at the end of Year 13 which count for 100% of the total A-level. Grades and marks achieved in Year 12 are not counted.

Entry requirements: Students will need a minimum grade 6 in GCSE English.

Learning at Home
Supporting Learning at Home

Resources for all key stages can be located on our Learning Web which is available in and out of the Academy premises. It is very well organised to allow students to find the exact resource they need quickly and efficiently.

Students have access to an archive of past examination papers and marks schemes within our Learning Web.

Career Pathways
Where can the course lead?

Sociology prepares students for many careers and Higher Education courses, such as human resource management, social work, marketing, nursing, journalism, law, teaching, the police, the media, personnel, probation and advertising. There are also a wide variety of opportunities in all aspects of social research such as youth services, criminal justice system, ethnic minority rights and the leisure industry. As a Social Science, Sociology compliments other areas of study such as Psychology, History, Geography, English Literature and Health & Social Care.

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