Extra-Curricular Clubs 23/24 – Term 1

The extra-curriculum clubs and activities for Term 1 of the academic year 2023/24 can be found below.

We encourage students to get involved with the wide range of clubs we have on offer. Alternatively, speak to a member of staff if you would like more information.

Term 1
Lunchtime Clubs & ActivitiesAfterschool Clubs & Activities
MondayComputing Support (A22)Singing in the Rain - Acting Rehearsal (Concert Hall)Netball Club - All years
Games Bell (S22)Y7 FootballY7 & Y9 Football
Y7 NetballY8/9 Table TennisSinging in the Rain - Singing Rehearsal (Music Room)
Nurture GroupKS3 Food Club (A1)
Y10 French Grammar (S10)Student Support Homework Club (R10)
GCSE Music ClubY11 Maths Intervention
TuesdayY8 FootballY8 & Y9 NetballPE: Fixtures
Y10 GCSE DanceHeronsY11 Football
Singing in the Rain - Acting Rehearsal (Concert Hall)Homework Club (BE1)Singing in the Rain - Acting Rehearsal (Concert Hall)
Games Club (S22)KS4 Art support (R7)
LibraryNurture Group
Pride (BE3)Young Carers drop in (BE11)
Student Support Homework Club (R10)Choir (MU2)
WednesdayHeronsY9 FootballSinging in the Rain - Dance Rehearsal (Concert Hall)
Y10 Sport Studies: DanceSinging in the Rain - Dance Rehearsal (Concert Hall)Y11 Maths Homework Club
Guitar Group with Mr PittsMusictech
Project X (S8)Computing Support (A22)
Nurture GroupCareers drop in (Careers Hut)
Student Support Homework Club (R10)Y11 English Intervention
ThursdayY10 FootballY7 FootballPE: Fixtures
Y11 DanceHeronsTwo Gentlemen of Verona Rehearsal (Concert Hall)
Two Gentlemen of Verona Rehearsal (Concert Hall)Homework Club (BE1)
Games Club (S22)Nurture Group
KS3 Keyboard Club (MU2)Y10 Art Support (R7)
LibraryY11 Science Intervention
Y11 DT Catch Up
FridayY7 Table TennisY10 & Y11 NetballGravity Racing Club (DT Block)
Girls FootballRunning Club
Unorthodox Dance CompanySinging in the Rain - Singing/Acting Rehearsal (Concert Hall)
Chess Club (R22)Band (Music Block)
LibraryPride (BE10)
Nurture GroupKS3 French Film Club
Games Club (S22)Student Support Homework Club (R10)

A PDF version of the extra curricular-clubs can be found below.

Extra-Curricular Clubs for Term 1 (23-24)

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