Assessments at Key Stage 3 are based around our Branston Levels. These levels have been devised by individual departments and are updated annually to reflect changes in academic content and focus.  Feedback is given to parents at four assessment points throughout the year via a progress check and through the annual parents’ evening. The assessment reported on the progress check are a snapshot of current performance.  Student will receive an on-going assessment of their work and this feedback can take a variety of forms; verbal, peer and written feedback. Assessed work can take many different forms. All students will complete an extended piece of homework within each subject. In addition, there will be weekly homework tasks, which may form part of a wider assessment. Each department has an assessment calendar outlining the assessment pattern for their curriculum area.

At Key Stage 4 and 5 assessed work can take a numbers of forms. Some subjects have coursework based elements where examination regulations will dictate the degree of feedback allowed. Other areas may be exclusively examination based and assessments using past paper questions will be the norm. Again students are expected to complete a weekly homework per subject. Feedback may be numerical or linked to examination grades. Full mock examination weeks are scheduled for each year group where students will be graded against actual GCSE and A level grades. At Key Stage 4 and 5 we report predicted grades to parents rather than a current grade.

Please use the links below to view our Assessment Calendar, Assessment Policy and an important notice regarding Controlled Assessments.


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