Subject Ambassadors

One of several changes and developments at the Academy over the past few years has been the introduction of our house sport and subject ambassadors. An initiative to give students more input and responsibility within their school community.

In years 8-13 each academic subject nominates two students in every year group to represent them as a department. Currently we have over 200 subject ambassadors within the Academy.

Whilst each specific subject area will have its own individualised roles and responsibilities for the students there are also some whole school expectations of the ambassadors, for example, representing their department at the Academy open evening in September.

Students gain a huge amount from the role, including developing their initiative, organisational skills and team working ability. Specifically, for our 6th form students it gives them an additional aspect to include on their UCAS application.

In the future we are looking to introduce additional ambassadors for areas such as ‘Student Voice’, ‘Online Safety’, ’Diversity’, ‘Careers’ and ‘D of E’

This area is very much a developing progress, and it is very much a case of watch this space.

Mr D Inman
(Vice Principal)

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