Food Technology – Celebration Cakes

Celebrating Year 10 with some amazing cakes! 🎂 Despite the rush (only 65 minutes!), the students showed incredible resilience and creativity.

The icing might have melted a bit, but the quality of the sponge was superb.

A special shoutout to Panayotis for winning the day! Congratulations! 👏🎉

Food Technology – Cakes May 2024

Last week was a creative week for Mrs Woods’ Year 9 students who made various cakes.

Food Technology – Chicken Kievs

Year 10 students made chicken kievs this week. The students have been practicing making meals with accompaniments and serving at the same time. They looked and smelt amazing!

Food – Easter Cakes 2024

Mrs Woods’ Year 10 group made some lovely Easter themed cakes today!

Food Technology – Christmas Baking 2023

Our students have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week, with a variety of recipes.

Below are some examples of some Year 10 Yule logs and Christmas reindeer biscuits by Years 8 and 11.

Food Club – Pancakes

Food Club today made some amazing American pancakes today. The ingredients were provided by the canteen for students to use.

Food club runs on a Monday and is attended by students from year 7 to 10.

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