Our Day

You will have 9 lessons per day, each lasting 34 minutes.

Some subjects will be double lessons lasting 1 hour and 8 minutes.

On a Wednesday the timings in the morning will be different. Add 5 minutes to each timing until lunch.

We know it’s a bit ‘different’, but hey, we like it that way!

9:04am Registration

9:19am Lesson 1
9:53am Lesson 2
10:27am Lesson 3

11:01am Morning Break

11:16am Lesson 4
11:50am Lesson 5

12:19pm Lunch

1:19pm Lesson 6
1:53pm Lesson7

2:27pm Afternoon Break

2:37pm Lesson 8
3:11pm Lesson 9
3:45pm Dismissal

Year 7 – Tuesday
Year 8 and 9 – Wednesday
Year 10 and 11 – Thursday
Sixth form – Wednesday and Thursday

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