Online Safety 4 Students

Online safety is about keeping yourself and people you care about protected when using computing devices that are connected to the Internet, be it desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones or even games consoles, handhelds and smart TVs. We don’t think you should be dissuaded from using the amazing number and variety of resources and services available online, however there are dangers to young people as well as adults that we should all be mindful of, for example:

  • Social networking sites are a good way of communicating, however it can be unsafe if you are communicating with people you don’t know.
  • You are very likely to have a list of friends who you share images, thoughts and other information with. Do you know these people? They may not be who they say they are!
  • Be very careful who you share personal details with; your  surname, place you live,  date of birth and even your clothing and other information from images you share can be used to identify you.

A tip for both young and old is to ensure that you are happy with anyone in the word seeing the pictures and information you share – once it’s shared, it’s out of your control!

More guidance, advice and support can be found at the following websites:


This is an excellent website for you to get advice on all kinds of online stuff. It is based around three key themes:

  • How to have fun
  • How to stay in control (or how to take control)
  • How to report a problemthinkuknowLogo

UK Safer Internet Centre

“The internet is a brilliant place to connect with others, to be creative and to discover new things. Here you will find films, games, quizzes and advice to help you to use the internet safely, responsibly and positively”.UKSaferInternetCentreLogo

Your internet safety questions answered

“On Newsround today Ayshah chatted to bullying expert, Alex Holmes, in the studio. They talked through some of the questions you sent in about internet safety”.

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