Homework Timetable

At Branston, we expect all students to do homework of an amount and type suited to their ability. Regular checks are made to monitor the setting and marking of homework and parents are asked to support the development of good homework habits by checking that homework is undertaken in an appropriate manner and completed on time.

Homework enables students to develop their skills and interests in all subjects and is often an opportunity to learn how to work independently, an essential skill and habit to cultivate.

The following outlines the approximate duration of each year group’s homework. The homework timetable in the yearbook will show which subjects are set for each night.

Year 7: 20 minutes per subject (2 – 3 subject per day)
Year 8: 30 minutes per subject (2 – 3 subject per day)
Year 9: 30 minutes per subject (2 – 3 subject per day)
Year 10 & 11: 50 minutes per subject (2 – 3 subject per day)
Year 12 & 13: 2 to 3 hours per subject

Branston Community Academy sees homework as a vital component in student progress and we ask parents to support our effort to develop good homework habits.

Extended Learning Tasks

Extended learning tasks are set in KS3 (Year 7 though to Year 9).  Over the period of an academic year each subject will set at least one extended learning task.  These are the same as a homework that lasts more than one week.  Each task will require students to work independently conducting research, making notes, manage their time, develop their ideas and meet deadlines.  These are core skills and are essential to success in later academic study and in the workplace.

Set over a period of weeks students are given an advice sheet and additional materials from their teacher and support either in class or at lunch times.  There may also be check points to monitor progress.

Each piece of extended learning has advice on the time that should be allocated to completing the task.  This does not exceed the amount of time that would normally be spent on that subject over the same time period.

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