Anti-Bullying Week 2023 – Odd Socks Day

Anti-Bullying Week got started off with Odd Socks Day which saw a wide array of brightly coloured socks and an amazing display of designs for the Odd Socks Competition.

The winners of the Odd Sock competition were presented with their prizes on Thursday, odd socks of course!

Throughout the week, our Community Ambassadors were on hand to collect and organise donations for Branston foodbank.

On Thursday, we delivered a car load of food to the foodbank and our Duke of Edinburgh Community Ambassadors were on hand to put it all away ready for being distributed to local families.

We also received £209 in donations. The foodbank uses this money to buy co-op vouchers so that families have the opportunity to buy fresh foods to go alongside the hampers of non perishable food and products.

We have another load of donations that will be dropped off next week.

Thank you to all of those that donated towards this valuable resource in our local community!

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