Medicine Ball Challenge Update – 12/09/2023

Medicine Ball Challenge – Update


We are now on our 6th day and it’s fair to say that both are feeling the strain.

Mr Awdry is having to be creative in order to support the ball whilst writing on the board and Miss Slesser is realising just how much she moves around the site in a day.
The response from our students continues to be really positive and many conversations are continuing about how we can help and support each other to help our wellbeing.

Students are going out of the way to offer support and we have received freshly baked cake and offers of support between lessons.

On Tuesday evening Miss Slesser attended the committee meeting for the local foodbank where she was made to feel very welcome. The committee are delighted that our new Community Ambassadors will be working with them and had lots of suggestions as to how they might do this.  We will be having our first collection for the foodbank at the open evening this Thursday 14th September.

Thank you so much to all of you that have supported us so far, either through sponsorship or moral support – it is greatly appreciated.  Our current fundraising total is £669.

If you would like to sponsor us it can be done through either of the links below.

The Medicine Ball Challenge (



Medicine Ball Challenge Update – 11/09/2023

Medicine Ball Challenge

We started this challenge at 12.30 on Friday when Mr Wilson attached us to the medicine balls.

Friday Afternoon 

A really positive start with a fly-past from the Red Arrows, which I like to think was for us and not just their routine practice.  Many conversations were had in the afternoon about what we were doing and why and I even had 2 of our 6th formers come and find me to help share the load between lessons.

The Weekend
The weekend was blisteringly hot, which added to the challenge.

We both soon realised that even the simplest of tasks took much more time and effort.  Putting the washing on the line now involves a series of chairs placed around my garden to balance the ball on so that I can reach the line!

Both of us know that the key to good mental health and wellbeing is a good balance between work and rest, this is definitely highlighted by completing the challenge.  Over the weekend the medicine balls accompanied Tom on his quest to win his clubs squash tournament, which he did – congratulations Tom,  a walk and a paddle for me, much more sedate but always one of my favourite activities, reading, music and taking some time to stop and relax.
Fundraising Update
This challenge raises money for 2 mental health charities Combat Stress and ABF The Soldiers Charity.
So far we have raised £562 and would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this over the last few days.

If you would like to sponsor us you can use either of the links below.

Children in Need 2022

Children in Need: 19th November

This year, as always, BCA will be raising money in support of the nationwide Children in Need appeal.

We are effectively inviting the students to a Non-Uniform Day; for this privilege they should pay a minimum of £1, either to their tutors at registration, or by using your ParentPay account and selecting the item BBC Children in Need. All donations go to the charity and will help to improve the lives of disadvantaged children around the UK.

It is important to stress that this will be a normal Academy day. We expect the usual high standards of behaviour and effort from everyone throughout the day. Appropriate equipment will be required in all lessons. In recent years, a small number of students have arrived at school inappropriately dressed. Please do check that this is not the case, for example we do not wish to see midriffs exposed – crop tops are not appropriate, neither are excessively ripped jeans.

Whilst writing…..

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

We are again supporting this annual event. Poppies/badges are available on site from the General Office and we will be visiting classrooms throughout the week with the collection box. We are suggesting that a single coin – £1 – is an appropriate donation, but this is, of course, entirely at your discretion.

Thank you for your continued support for both of these hugely important national events.