Design and Technology

What makes me Gifted/Talented or Able in Design and Technology? dt1

1. Your performance is above the national level for their age group.
2. You have shown evidence of particular aptitudes in certain areas of the subject.
3. You will respond well to questions.
4. You  ask questions that are challenging.

What will we be doing in lessons to develop my skills?
Within lessons you will have the ability to push yourself with extension tasks that will be given to you. All extended homework’s now have extension activities and clear guidelines to achieve higher levels.
You will have levelled objectives and outcomes and in KS4 you will working towards GCSE and A level criteria for A/A*
You will also be given differentiated question grids and thinking plots. These include low, medium and high order thinking and ‘outside the box’ thinking skills, all of which will help you to progress.

What can I do outside of school to develop my skills in Design and Technology?dt2
If you are in KS3, you may have the opportunity to take part in the ‘Go global cookery competition.
In year 8, you may also have the opportunity to take part in the engineering conference activity at Siemens.
Year 9 have gone to the County Electronic Competition and have won it for the last 2 years.
In years 12/13 there is a possibility of working towards an ‘Arkwright sponsored scholarship’ for the brightest pupils. This has been achieved by several pupils from Branston in the past.
You can also watch things like ‘Master chef’, ‘British bake off’ and ‘Greg Marsden’s supermarket experience’, which are both excellent for the science of food, presentation and ideas.
Simply practising cooking at home can have many benefits and reading related magazines such as ‘Good food’, ‘The caterer’, or the ‘BBC DT website’.

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