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Our Intent
Our Intent

The Travel and Tourism department offers a broad, inclusive and balanced curriculum due to the fact that we offer a Level 1/2 BTEC course at KS4 and Level 3 BTEC course at KS5. Travel and Tourism naturally prepares students for their life beyond the Academy.
Equality of Opportunity is at the core of the department as we do not discriminate in any way and actively encourage all students who are prepared to put in the effort to apply. This leads to a wide range of abilities and results, through the personalisation of the different courses. The courses are reviewed every year, where all students fill in a questionnaire upon completion of their qualification. These questionnaires are acted upon and if changes need to be made to the units or the timings, then this occurs.
The department offer strong vocational courses, which are all delivered with supportive and specialist teachers. Individual units are taught using the strengths that each teacher has developed, thereby ensuring that the students gain the widest and strongest possible knowledge of each topic.

Travel and Tourism focus on the vocational elements to delivery theory as this allows the students to understand the reason behind the structured lessons. Each lesson builds on the theory with real case studies to embed core skills and knowledge. Each learner is issued with the specification of the courses to refer to as they increase the key terms.
Travel and Tourism is introduced to the curriculum at KS4 through a BTEC Level 1 or 2 First Award in Travel and Tourism. The students are limited to smaller groups of no more than 24 to ensure they have the support and access to all equipment necessary as highly reliant on IT. The cohort will have breadth and progression throughout the course as they are given the opportunity to:
• Gain a broad understanding and knowledge of a vocational sector
• Investigate areas of specific interest
• Develop essential skills and attributes prized by employers, further education colleges and higher education institutions
This suite of implementation provides opportunities for learners to progress to either academic or more specialised vocational pathways.
In KS5 this the students can start from no prior knowledge or continue to study for a Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism, worth one A level. This approach provides rigour and balance, and promotes the ability to apply learning immediately in new contexts.
Both KS4 and 5 courses follow the same format of external assessment through written examinations and coursework units.

Branston Values
Travel and Tourism creates a community of students who are interested in understanding and respecting different parts of the world along with their cultures and how they can aspire to follow careers that allows them to work and travel within this industry. The topics are broad and challenge through the examination units where research is imperative to succeed, with resilience developed using different methods of assessments. Each examination tests the student’s ability to learn and allows them to reflect on their progress and adapt to ensure their full potential is achieved. This is supported by the lessons that are structured to give the students time to gain confidence with empathy shown to encourage them to be successful. All students have different strengths which is highlighted through the coursework and examination elements. They are encouraged to work with their peers and achieve together in an inclusive environment of compassion.

The department has one permanent member of staff as the Lead Teacher to present continuity for the students. The other members of staff have experience of BTEC at different levels but every year. The Lead Teacher has a background of business and travel which links brings knowledge and depth.
Travel and Tourism is selected at KS4 with no prior experience for the cohort, however the structure of the specification develops the students through specific skills and knowledge to provide a sound basis for progression in many sectors including travel and tourism or hospitality.

KS4 Structure

Year 10Travel and Tourism organisations & destinations. Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism.
Year 11Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism. Influences on Global Travel and Tourism.

KS5 Structure

Content coming soon

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs
Career Pathways

Our Level 2 BTEC First Award in Travel and Tourism develops sector-specific skills and knowledge to provide a sound basis for progression to further study of this sector at Level 3 through an Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism, or an apprenticeship in either travel and tourism or hospitality.
Our Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism, in addition to the travel and tourism sector-specific content requires the learner to develop transferable skills which are highly regarded by higher education providers and employers. The qualification will give learners transferable knowledge, understanding and broad skills such as communication and presenting ideas.
This qualification supports many job roles within business and the travel and tourism sector.

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