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Our Intent
Our Intent

At Branston we want students to “think like Geographers”.  We want to create independent, curious, tolerant and passionate global citizens who care about the planet we live on.  Our curriculum promotes an awe and wonder of the world around us, from the local scale in Branston to the bigger picture of global issues such as climate change.  We facilitate the understanding of the human and physical characteristics of places across the world and how those interactions create the diverse world in which we all live.  We want our students to leave our classrooms with the ability to think for themselves, to be able to analyse information, sort it, question it and evaluate it to come to clear, substantiated judgements.  Skills that they will take through life.

Learning through enquiry is at the heart of our curriculum.  Investigations not only build on research skills, but the ability to synthesise information, problem solve and conclude are all important transferrable skills which support children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

We strongly encourage our subject to be learned inside and outside of the classroom. We want our learners to be inspired to continue their study of Geography at GCSE and beyond.

KS3 Structure

Year 7What is UK Geography?
Why are map skills important?
How does water shape the land?
What impact did the Ice Age have on the UK?
Where do we live?
Year 8Why are tectonic hazards so dangerous?How does weather and climate affect me?
Why are the polar and tropical rainforests ecosystems so different?
What is happening to our coasts?
Year 9Can the development gap be reduced?
Why is Kenya still classed as an LIC?
Is China an NIC? Wider UK issues

KS4 Structure

Year 10Tectonics and Distincive Landscapes,
Rivers including flooding and Water resources and management
Urban-rural change,
Coastal process and change
Physical fieldwork,
Weather and climate
Year 11Extreme weather and climate change, Ecosystems, Global cities and human fieldworkGlobal inequalities and regional development,
Social development

KS5 Structure

Demo Content

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs
Career Pathways
Career Pathways

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