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Our Intent
Our Intent

The purpose of study of a modern foreign language here at Branston Community Academy is to provide an opening into other cultures. We feel that it is essential that our students build an appreciation and respect for other cultures and learn to see the world from different perspectives as they develop a better understanding of their role both as members of our school community as well as citizens of the wider world.

Through learning a language at BCA, we give students the opportunity to develop their aspirations and become competent, enthusiastic linguists with an appreciation for other cultures; who are equipped with practical language skills, allowing them to make the most of their experiences in TL countries in the future, as well as maximising their potential in a foreign language to pursue this academic study further in HE/FE and in certain careers, should they so wish.

KS3 Structure

Year 7Self
Free time
In a French Speaking Country
Year 8 FrenchFood and Drink
Local Area
TV and films
Jobs and future
Year 8 GermanBasics
Family and pets
Free time
Out and about
Year 9 FrenchIdentity and culture- Who am I?Identity and culture- Daily lifeIdentity and culture- Cultural life
Year 9 GermanIdentity and culture- leisure timeIdentity and culture- Who am I?School- What school is like; School activities

KS4 Structure

Year 10 FrenchLocal area, holiday and travel- Town, region and countryLocal area, holiday and travel- Holidays; Travel and tourist attractionsSchool- What school is like; School activities
Year 10 GermanIdentity and culture- Daily lifeLocal area, holiday and travel- Holidays; Travel and tourist attractionsLocal area, holiday and travel- Holidays
Year 11 FrenchFuture Aspirations, Ambitions; Using languages beyond the classroom
International and global dimension- Bringing the world together; Environmental issuesRevision and Exams
Year 11 GermanFuture Aspirations, Ambitions; Using languages beyond the classroom
International and global dimension- Bringing the world together; Environmental issues

KS5 Structure

Demo Content

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs
Career Pathways

Studying a language at GCSE allows students to be able to conduct themselves in range of situations in the target language country, as well as increasing their cultural awareness of traditions and customs in countries where the language is spoken.
Taking a GCSE in a modern foreign language also allows students to continue their studies at A-level. A-level languages provide a much more in-depth knowledge of both the language and the culture, preparing students for potential further education at degree level, or ready to continue their language use in the workplace.
Recently, we have begun to offer students at A-level the possibility of taking part in a week’s work experience abroad, through Blue Stamp Travel. Students specify their areas of interest in terms of future work and they are matched to an appropriate workplace in France on Germany, depending on the language studied.
Studying a foreign language can open up many career opportunities – these are so wide-ranging they are hard to list. Careers in engineering, logistics, hospitality, finance, education are all common pathways for linguists though there are also many more avenues.

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