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Welcome to the Art and Design Department


In the Art Department, we aim to encourage all students to express themselves. We celebrate individual creativity and provide access to a wide variety of processes and media. The art department aim to provide all students with access to the very best tuition and guidance in all forms of artistic expression. We believe that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us.

Resources and Facilities
Resources and Facilities

The department has a wide range of specialisms and boasts excellent facilities. We pride ourselves in being a forward thinking department and encourage students to achieve their very best in all forms of artistic expression. The art department aim to celebrate all students’ achievements and regularly share work to a wider audience on our department Facebook and Instagram pages. The department also hold a very popular A Level exhibition each year.

KS3 Structure

In KS3 students are introduced to a wide range of media, materials and processes. We also study both traditional and contemporary artists and designers. The curriculum has been designed to build upon skills each year.

KS3 Content: Courses

In Year 7, students follow 4 main projects, which aims to cover a wide variety of techniques and media. Students also study a wide range of traditional and contemporary artists alongside their own work. Students also complete an initial drawing assessment in the first term. These projects are assessed regularly in the form of homework assessments, mid project reviews and final project evaluations. Students also complete a drawing assessment each year.

Year 7: Project 1: Form / Structure / 3D Objects: Students follow an introductory course including all the basic elements of art and design.
Project 2: Simple Still Life: Colour theory / Still Life drawing & Painting
Project 3: Animals, Birds and Insects: Ceramic project.
Project 4: Pattern: Symmetry and rotational pattern using printmaking as the main element

In Year 8, students continue to build upon the skills, techniques and processes introduced in Year 7. Work continues to be influenced by the study of artists and designers.
Project 1: Culture: Printmaking
Project 2: Sweet dreams: Detailed still life painting & Drawing
Project 3: Ceramics: 3D animals
Project 4: Graphic Design / Photography project

By Year 9 students have already covered a good amount of technical skill, and therefore now have the opportunity to extend their creative thinking. We closely follow the GCSE course structure of working, allowing more freedom of creativity and artistic expression.

Projects we cover in Year 9 include: War & Conflict, Organic Structure and opportunity for specialist study set by individual class teachers.

KS4 Stucture
KS4 Content: Courses

Building on the skills covered during KS3, KS4 students then choose to specialise for their GCSE course of study. Students can choose from GCSEs in Fine Art, Graphic Communication and GCSE Photography.

KS5 Structure
KS5 Content: Courses

In KS5, students can choose to continue their course of study in Fine Art, Art & Design, Photography and Graphic Communication.

Learning at Home
Supporting Learning at Home

Homework is a vital part of the course. It allows students to hone their artistic skills and extend their knowledge of artists, forming their own opinions about the work, whilst adding to their portfolios. We do encourage parents to help support their child with homework but would ask that the work in the journals is truly the student's own.

Career Pathways
Career Pathways

The arts is currently the fastest growing sector in the UK. A strong arts education offers:

  • the ability to develop individual ideas and collaborate with others,
  • strong observational, research and analytical skills,
  • creative problem solving skills
  • the ability to learn from criticism and be objective about their work.
  • an openness to new influences and concepts.

The skills a well-rounded arts education gives to students can be utilized in any career path

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