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Our Intent
Our Intent

Enable students to study the diversity and richness of human experience in the past will help them prepare to live in a complex & changing world. Teaching staff, through their love of the subject, aim to instil in students an interest in the past that will remain with them through their lives.

Our History Programme of Study from Key Stage 3-5 is based on inspiring, fascinating and exciting topics to fire students’ imagination and make them inquisitive about the past (and as a result the current world they live in) beyond the school gates.  By providing students with a range of breadth and depth studies we aim to enable them to deepen their knowledge and understanding of local, national and elements of international History.  The sequence of Units taught will provide students with a chronological framework to help them understand the development of the British Isles and its relationship with the wider world from earliest times to the present day. They will also have opportunities to study the experiences of peoples, cultures and societies different to their own. Depth studies and overviews will explore and deepen knowledge of key themes and concepts. For example, the development of the democratic process and the changing nature and impact of conflict to the present day.  Our curriculum is designed around units of study which allow students opportunities to progress in their mastering of core historical skills – source analysis, chronology, understanding of change & continuity, causation, significance, explanation and changing interpretations of the past.

KS3 Structure

Year 7What is history?
Life in the Middle Ages
The role of religion in the middle ages, Pilgrimage to Lincoln Cathedral and The Crusades,
Medieval monarchy: King John Magna Carta
Life and Religion change in the Tudor Period,
The Gunpowder Plot
Year 8The causes, events and consequences of the English Civil War 1642-9,
London 1655-1700: Restoration, Plague and Fire
The Slave Trade, slavery and the African-American experience,
The British Empire
The Industrial Revolution, Urbanisation and growth of Democracy,
Lincoln: Pre-history to the present day
Year 9The First World War,
Germany: Democracy to dictatorship and Holocaust: 1918-45
The Second World War and the Home Front 1939-45,
The Cold War 1943-91
Britain and a Changing Modern world: Immigration, globalisation and social change. 1945- Present day

KS4 Structure

Year 10Migrants in Britain 800- PresentSuperpower relations and Cold War
Year 11Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939

KS5 Structure

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