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Our Intent
Our Intent

To provide opportunities for all students to develop their holistic knowledge and understanding of music.
For all learners to develop music specific skills in performance, composition, critical engagement (listening and evaluating) and musical literacy, within a variety of musical genres.
For learners to engage with music through individual and group activity, taking creative risks and developing resilience.
Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively, developing respect for other musicians/peers through performance, composition and listening activities.
For learners to gain an appreciation of how music specific skills connect to other aspects of life within our school community as music makers; and in the wider world as music producers / stakeholders (listeners and consumers of music produced by others).

KS3 Structure

Year 7Singing, rhythm skills, notation and keyboard skills.African Drumming, Singing and Rhythm OR Electronic Music (exploring riffs and melody) - performance and composition using music technology.
Year 8Samba Drumming OR Ground Bass PerformanceBlues - ukulele and keyboard performance and song composition OR Electronic Dance Music (exploring harmony) - performance and composition using music technology.
Year 9Tolerance Through Song - Exploring Hip Hop and Rap music through songwriting and ukulele/keyboard performance. Taiko Drumming or Film Music

KS4 Structure

Year 10Rockschool Level2 - Instrumental Study Rockschool Level 2- Musical Knowledge
Year 11Rockschool Level 2 - Live Music Performance

KS5 Structure

Demo Content

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs
Career Pathways
Career Pathways

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