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Welcome to the Performing Arts Department


To develop students’ confidence and skills in performing and production aspects of the performing arts industry.

To introduce them to the pleasures and challenges of working as part of a production company.

To develop students personal, social, intellectual, artistic and performance skills.

To prepare young people to take their place in adult society by enhancing their self -esteem and fostering cooperation and tolerance.

To promote an enjoyment in the arts and motivate students to adopt these interests as a life long undertaking.

To develop artistic and aesthetic understanding within and through movement and design elements of the curriculum.

To encourages positive links between the Academy and local community, through performances in local venues and workshops with local artists.

Extra curricular opportunities

  • Dance and Drama clubs during lunchtimes and after school will be accessible to all students.
  • Opportunities for students to perform in local events such as Udance and Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • A range of ‘off site’ activities such as theatre visits and workshops offered to students across the Academy
  • Gifted and talented students are encouraged to work with the Performing Arts company based at the Academy – ‘Unorthodox’
  • Taking part in the annual school musical and Christmas and summer shows.
  • Taking part in or being part of the student organising committee of Rock Challenge


All students throughout each Key Stage, will be given the opportunity to plan, perform and evaluate during their performing arts lessons.
Students will develop skills and participate in activities which allow these skills to be expressed.
The language and terminology associated with the performing arts, should be given a high profile in pupils planning and evaluation. This language should fall in line with the current school policy on Literacy strategies.
A balance of teaching styles to incorporate instruction, demonstration, differentiation and pupil input will be maintained during lessons.
Students will have regular opportunities to work in a variety of ways through directed, exploratory and improvised activities.
Students will work in small and large groups, in pairs and as individuals where appropriate, in both cooperative and competitive situations.
All performing arts activities should be enjoyable, safe and yet challenging.
Wherever relevant and appropriate, students will be responsible for production aspects of performances in a safe way.
Differentiated tasks will be provided wherever appropriate to enable all students to fulfil their potential.


Resources and Facilities
Resources and Facilities

Currently we have a:

  • 300 capacity concert hall fitted with lighting rig and sound system.
  • Dance studio
  • Drama studio
  • Fully equipped props and costume store
KS4 Stucture

We currently follow the AQA Level 2 Technical Award in Performing Arts. The comprises of 3 different units of work and requires students to work in both production and performance disciplines.

Unit 1: Unlocking creativity
This unit assesses the theoretical content of the learner's chosen discipline (performance or production). Learners will demonstrate core knowledge and understanding of:

  • Research
  • Idea development
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Presentation (skills and content)
  • Transferable skill of communication.

This unit is internally assessed and moderated by AQA. Students are required to produce a portfolio of supporting evidence and video footage of a recorded pitch.

Unit 2: The production/performance
This unit provides the opportunity for students to be assessed on the theoretical content of a holistic production or performance, both as an individual and as a member of a group.
A key performance or production role in a performance based on one of five performance briefs.
This unit is marked by the centre and moderated by AQA. Students need to provide DVD evidence of final performance/production and a short logbook outlining their contribution to the final performance/production with details of nominated skill chosen for assessment.

Unit 3: The performing arts experience
This unit is in the form of a written exam with a combination of multiple choice questions, short answers, extended responses and design / devising questions. It assesses core knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities within the performing arts industry
  • The role of performing arts in society
  • Approaches to rehearsal
  • Working as a deviser/performer/director
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Health and safety
  • Design and technical elements
  • Reviewing performance
  • Theatre/film in education.

Accessible grades are

All students taking performing arts are encouraged to take part as a performer and in a production role in the many extra-curricular performances that take place throughout the year.

KS4 students will receive 2 x 68 minute period per week.

KS5 Structure

We currently follow the Level 3 BTEC National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts where students may opt to follow the dance or acting pathway.
Students are taught the following mandatory units:

  • Unit 1 – Investigating Practitioners (examined unit)
  • Unit 2 – Developing skills and techniques for live performance
  • Unit 3 – Group Performance workshop

And an optional unit from the following:

  • Unit 10 - Jazz Dance Technique
  • Unit 12 - Contemporary Dance Technique
  • Unit 19 - Acting Skills
  • Unit 21 - Improvisation
  • Unit 22 - Movement in Performance
  • Unit 27 - Musical Theatre skills

All students taking performing arts perform in the annual school musical and are encouraged to take part as a performer and in a production role in the many other extra-curricular performances that take place throughout the year.

KS5 students will receive 4 x 68 minute periods per week

Learning at Home
Supporting Learning at Home

Resources for all key stages can be located on our Learning Web which is available in and out of the Academy premises. It is very well organised to allow students to find the exact resource they need quickly and efficiently.

KS4 and KS5 students have access to an archive of past examination papers and marks schemes as well as the powerpoints used in lessons to help with their reflection and analysis.

We offer opportunities to use the facilities during lunchtime and after school for rehearsals. We also offer specific support sessions at lunch and after school when teaching staff are available to help with written work.

Career Pathways

Performing arts provides an overall foundation spanning various disciplines, music, dance and drama. Students may decide to follow a career in the performing arts and we often have students who go to performance conservatoires following school whereas others choose to follow a degree course in drama or dance at university. We also have students who have more interest in the production arts at degree level. Following these courses we have many students who are currently working in the industry on cruise ships, in the West End as well as teaching in schools and conservatoires.

The skills used in both the Level 2 and 3 courses equip students for a variety of career pathways giving them skills in confidence, organisation, team work and adaptability. In the past level 3 students have gone onto university to study English, Archaeology, Sciences, Media, Journalism etc

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