What makes me Gifted/Talented or Able in History? history

You demonstrate a broad and sophisticated knowledge and understanding of historical periods and you make confident use of conventions, terms and concepts which describe historical periods and the passing of time.
You can ask searching historical questions, engaging in increasingly independent historical enquiry and problem-solving exercises. You can also make suggestions which reflect independent thought concerning the connections, causes and consequences of historical events, situations and changes.
You can use a range of historical sources, including complex and ambiguous ones, with confidence and perception and you are aware of the provisional nature of knowledge and are prepared to challenge interpretations.

You can produce high quality written communication, selecting and using historical information to support a narrative and you can sustain a line of argument, making well balanced judgements.
You can analyse sources in context to reach soundly based evaluations and conclusions based on considered use of evidence and are prepared to support them with reasoned argument.
You show a keen awareness of the characteristics of different historical periods and the diversity of experience within each one. You can use subject-specific vocabulary and terminology with accuracy and confidence.

What will we be doing in lessons to develop my skills?
You will be working towards specific objectives and you will be asked to analyse and evaluate information whilst thinking outside the box.
You will be given extended homework tasks to challenge you and make sure that you push yourself to achieve the highest marks possible.

What can I do outside of school to develop my skills in History?
There are many things that you can do to develop your skills, particularly in a historic city like Lincoln. You can visit the Cathedral and Castle and take an interest in the History of these places in order to broaden your knowledge.
You could also sign up to any magazines such as ‘history today’ to keep up with latest information.


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