What makes me Gifted/Talented or Able in Music?music

You demonstrate excellent performance and/or composition skills over an extended period of time. (At least 6 weeks)
Your achievement level in music is high: in the top 5% of the year group.

You demonstrate considerable ability in one aspect of music and are very keen to develop your musical potential further.
You may be particularly talented in one aspect of music such as the performance of one instrument or be very skilled in Music technology e.g. composition using ICT.

What will we be doing in lessons to develop my skills?
You will be given the opportunity to use a variety of instruments and to hone your skills and develop them towards specific objectives.

What can I do outside of school to develop my skills in Music?
You have the opportunity in school to develop your skills with gifted teachers from outside the school coming in to teach specific and highly advanced skills for the instrument of your choice.

For further information, see Mr. Amey

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