Science Outside The Classroom


Logo for BBC Earth“The BBC have created a website filled with videos from their many nature, science, space and sustainability programmes. They’ve also included quizzes and interactive experiences. Click the links below to explore the website.”

Logo for the Natural History Museum“The Natural History Museum in London has loads of craft resources for students to try, such as building a bird feeder or a hedgehog home and is free to visit in person.”

Logo for the Magna Science Adventure Centre“Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham is housed in a former steelworks. It features over 100 hands on exhibits allowing students to investigate science and technology. There are plenty of other adventures for a great day out with the family.”

Logo for The Deep“One of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and located in nearby Hull, The Deep offers a fascinating for students to adventure into the world’s water and experience ocean life including sharks, penguins, and turtles. Click below to view the main website and for the downloadable resources students can use at home.”

Logo for Twycross Zoo“Twycross Zoo works with many animal and habitat conservation projects across the globe. A home to many of the planets interesting species, students with an interest in the animal kingdom can investigate the links below and try some of the zoo’s free activities.”

Logo for Ted Ed“Ted Ed focus on creating short, accessible and informative videos on complex topics, including science and technology. There are playlists such as “Human’s vs. Viruses”, “Superhero Science” and “Cool tech”. Why not click below and explore some new topics.”

Logo for Science Fun“Science Fun is a website with lots of at home opportunities for students interested in Science. From Science experiments that can be done at home to fun jokes and trivia, students can find lots to enjoy here.”


Logo for The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History“The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is located in Washington DC, USA. To save you some travel costs, they have included a free virtual tour of the museum on their website. Click the link below to start the tour.”

Logo for The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History“One of the many fascinating Science channels on YouTube, Real Science posts in depth videos on interesting topics such as the ocean, medicine and engineering. Each video is between 15-20 minutes long.”

Logo for The National Trust“Many people have heard of Isaac Newton and the classic story of the apple falling. But did you know he made that discovery at his home in Lincolnshire. Just south of Grantham, Woolsthorpe Manor was the lifelong home to Isaac Newton. The site is available to tour, along with a science centre and helpful guides who can demonstrate some of the most interesting and fundamental Physics ideas. Or you can just take a photo with the apple tree!”

Logo for NASA“No matter your age, there is something inexplicably captivating when it comes to space. NASA is the agency which has made the biggest strides into space travel and exploration over the past few decades, and the website below is filled with videos, careers information and interactive experiences about NASA.”

Logo for PHET“Designed by the University of Colorado Boulder, the PHET Interactive Simulations are designed to let students investigate concepts in biology, chemistry and physics. Click the link below, select a topic and follow the instructions to visualise ideas covered in KS3 and KS4.”

Logo for Bill Nye“Bill Nye has been presenting science programmes for pupils for years. His website below has links and clips from many of his shows, as well as home science projects for students. Investigate below to learn about the wide world of science.”


Logo for Queens University Belfast“This free course from Queen’s University Belfast is designed to prepare you for the differences in studying at university compared to at school. The course usually takes between 2-4 hours to complete, and you can download a certificate at the end. Always a welcome addition to a UCAS application.”

Logo for The Royal Society of Biology“The RSB has collected resources for pupils to help them with their studies, as well as information on grants, careers and competitions. Click below to see all they have to offer.”

Logo for The Royal Society of Chemistry“The RSC has lots of resources for students looking to learn chemistry at all ages. Click the links below to find their student targeted resources and to access journal articles to expand your knowledge and understanding.”

Logo for The Institute of Physics“The IOP works with to expand students’ knowledge of physics topics and careers. Click the links below to find their pages with articles and resources for pupils considering a future studying or working with physics.”

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